CHARLY WHISKY-11mdx-group

CHARLY WHISKY-11mdx-group






This group of radio dx was born in the south of LUXEMBOURG in the city of ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE on 30/07/2017.
The region of 3 Borders BELGIUM, FRANCE, GERMANY.



You are serious and motivated, you like the radio so it is that you are at your place at CHARLY WHISKEY 11MDX GROUP.

You can choose your callsign as much as possible.

The only rules to respect at CW 11MDX is not to make QSO on 27.555 only to make a call and above all, respect the Operators on the 11 meter band.

If you want to create an activation please contact me so that I can register activation on CW 11MDX website. You can also share photos of your radio activations.

It is also possible to create articles to share your antenna creations as well as DIY radio.

To register to the group just send an email to

Thanking you in advance for your registration,